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Danciu Dental Clinic

Professionalism, innovation and loyalty, concepts brought to life by patients.

Danciu Clinic - Team

The first specialized clinic in Sebeş - Alba

  • danciu

    The Danciu Clinic is the first dental practice in Sebeş, built immediately after the revolution. Years of experience, as well as the permanent investments made in high quality medical equipment, have led to completion of highly performing dental works, appreciated by patients, both at home and abroad.

    The dental laboratory in the clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment and the technicians operating within the unit are subjected to a continuous educational process, through courses performed within our unit or abroad.

    A members our team you will meet specialists in orthodontia, maxillofacial surgery, endodontology and pedodontia, all of whom off them with exceptional medical performance records.

    What we offer now mirrored in this site comes to represent our effort over years of practice, when we analyzed our structural needs in conjunction with the patients’ expectations horizon.

    In this sense, we thrive to offer an efficient guarantee system for the works performed and we assure our patients that the attention we pay will be the same after the treatment is completed.

    Patients will receive a post-therapeutic document with which they will call again periodically for checkups.

    At the same time, we aim to harmonize the working agenda of the doctors with that of the patients so as to avoid long waiting times, as well as dental operations performed under the pressure of time.

    Dr. Danciu,